Datashare Solutions is an IT managed service provider who excel in the secure management of our clients data.

We monitor the ever changing digital landscape to enable IT to assist clients with their business forward planning. Our risk limitation approach and highly resilient service via secure lines of communication means we become integral to the business data delivery and continuity of our customers.

Our service and IT expertise allows our clients to focus on their core business, our business is IT data integrity and security - what’s yours?


Case Studies

DataCore Software Use Case Studies Whatever their business objectives and whatever their current storage set up, a growing number of Datashare Solutions’ customers have utilised software-defined storage solutions from DataCore to simplify storage management, solve applicat… Read more

Working with the Legal profession

Datashare manages the data, back up and disaster recovery requirements of many legal organisations.

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Latest News

Familiar Service, Familiar People, Familiar Name Almost 3 years ago Datashare Solutions was acquired by The Shift F7 Group and just under a year ago NJL Communications was incorporated into Datashare Solutions - from June 1st, 2015, the two will merge into a single entity called Shift F7 … Read more

2015 Anniversary 
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